You Are Not Alone

First, we want you to know you are not alone in your pregnancy journey. We know the fears and doubts can seem overwhelming, but you are stronger than you know. 

Our caring team at West Shore Family Support cares about you and wants you to feel confident in whatever step you take next. We can help.

Receive Pregnancy Support

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Our pregnancy support includes the most important first step: confirming your pregnancy. We provide free, self-administered pregnancy tests and prenatal support.

Our dedicated staff will help answer some of your questions about pregnancy and raising a baby. We can also connect you to other community partners to help provide the support you need if you choose to parent.

Learn Your Options

We understand you may not feel ready to parent, so we want to inform you about all your options. All of our services are confidential and judgment-free. 

You can speak openly with a compassionate team member about your concerns and plans for your future.

Parenting Support

If you are planning on parenting, we have many free parenting resources, referrals, and classes to support you along the way. 

West Shore Family Support offers free one-on-one parenting classes for all families, including families referred from the Department of Health and Human Services, Child Protective Services, or the court system.

Our family support services empower and enable you to step into parenting confidently. We want to help you raise a happy, healthy child. 

Schedule a free, confidential appointment today to move forward with your pregnancy and learn what’s next for your unique journey.