Volunteer. Change a life!



Peer Mentors make a difference in lives by teaching our Family Support Classes and meeting for conversation and friendly support.

Prayer Warrior


Join in our effort to support families in our community by praying.  We send a quarterly email to Prayer Warriors with updates on prayer needs.

Church Outreach Coordinator


Our Church Outreach Coordinators  help spread the word about the work we do in the community and help keep our area churches updated.

Community Champion


Our community champions form and build relationships with area business supporters and inform them of sponsorship opportunities.

Materials Support


Our Material Support role works in our materials closet and organize the donations  of children's clothing, bottles, blankets and baby supplies that come in from the community for families.

Family Coach


Our family coaches participate in our Birth of a Family program to join in our family-centered discussions to encourage and inspire participants.

Worth Presenter


Our Worth program needs volunteers who love teens and are passionate about teaching young people their worth and making great life choices.

Building Maintenance


Our Center always has small maintenance jobs that you can help with.   Contribute your handyman expertise and help our organization be prepared

Event Coordinator


We have several fundraising events throughout the year that you can lend your event planning skills to help us raise funds for our service throughout the year.