our Programs


Family Support Classes

Our services include classes for both men and women to fit your family's need on topics such as pregnancy, parenting, finances and relationships.  You may earn items for your child through taking these classes and our Earn While You Learn program.

Birth of a Family

This laid back weekly gathering offers support for all parents looking to gain tools and encouragement as you build a strong family.  Check out our Facebook page for event times and activity details.

Worth Program

We equip parents and teachers to help teens discover their inherent worth through educational materials and school presentations.  Our program encourages young people to engage in healthy relationships  and avoid risky behaviors.  

Practical Fatherhood

If you are a dad and would like a man to man mentor, we are happy to connect you with someone to give a listening ear and a friend's mentorship.  You can call or walk in and we will set up a time for you. 

Pregnancy Testing

We provide free supplies and instructions on performing your own urine pregnancy test.  Our peer mentors provide the opportunity to talk through your options for the future while receiving emotional and practical support.

Material Support

We offer monthly material supply visits to provide you with baby clothing up to 3T, diapers, wipes, blankets and other supplies for your baby.  You may also earn larger items like a stroller or pack-n-play for your little one through taking family support classes.